San Diego State University

Recognized Student Organizations


SDSU Student Organization
On-Campus Recognition Online Application Process
for 2018 - 2019

Follow these steps:

  1. The student organization President and Treasurer MUST complete the Student Organization Conflict and Identity Awareness Training. (SOCIA)
  2. The student organization President and Treasurer MUST complete the Officer Orientation. (Officer Orientation)
  3. The student organization faculty/staff advisor must complete the Advisor Orientation. (Advisor Orientation)
  4. Once the President, Treasurer and Advisor have completed the orientation, any one of the student organization officers can enter the application information online.
    1. Before continuing to the online application, you will need the following:
      1. Your Red ID number.
      2. The Red ID numbers of the student organization’s other four officers.
      3. The Red ID number, department, classification, and contact information for your Advisor (Please contact Student Life & Leadership at (619) 594-5221 if your Advisor does not want to disclose his/her Red ID number.)
      4. You will be required to upload your local Constitution/Bylaws from your computer, so please have those ready. (Sample Bylaws)
        1. Oversized Affiliate Constitution/Bylaws – You will be required to upload your chapter bylaws during the on-line recognition process. In addition, if your organization is affiliated with a national, state or local organization you must also submit the constitution/bylaws of the national, state or local organization that specify membership eligibility, qualifications and privileges. If your national, state or local affiliate Constitution/Bylaws are less than 4 MB (file size), you can upload them during the online recognition process as well. If the affiliate Constitution/Bylaws are more than 4 MB (file size), hand deliver a copy of them, or the website URL to SLL – Aztec Student Union, Rm 210, M-F 8am – 10:00pm.
      5. The President and Treasurer will be required to personally provide an e-signature on-line before the application can be submitted for review.
  5. Items a and b apply only to Social Fraternities/Sororities and can be uploaded as a document directly in the RSO application online.
    1. Residential organizations must submit proof of passing an annual fire inspection by the City of San Diego Fire Prevention Bureau. To schedule an inspection call ( 619) 533-4400.
    2. Certificate of Liability - All social fraternities and sororities are required to submit a certificate of liability insurance in the amount of at least $1 million which states the amounts of coverage and names the University as an additional insured, using the following language that can be found in the Student Organization Handbook.

Application Information:

When ready: